Frequently Asked Questions

What Upfront Fees Do You Have?​​

There are no application fees. We will provide a Mortgage Commitment, which will outline all the terms, interest rate, and associated fees. If you wish to finalize the Mortgage offered we charge a fee of between 1 – 4% of the loan amount depending on the type of mortgage, terms, length, and level of risk.

What Are Your Rates?

There is no formal rate matrix since each deal is so unique. We price each deal aggressively based on the individual needs of the client, property type, loan to value, location, and other criteria. Contact us for a no obligation quote.

What Types Of Clients Utilize This Product?

Our borrowers usually have income from their own business, a mistep reporting on their credit history, a high debt service ratio or simply just in need of financing quickly for some reason. Typical Yes Capital borrowers have circumstances which impact their ability to access funding through traditional channels.

How Do I Submit A Loan Application?

Complete our quick online application here and one of our lending specialists will contact you within one business day.

What Property Types Do You Offer Mortgage Solutions For?

We offer mortgage solutions for residential, multi-units, and raw land.

What Is Your Minimum/Maximum Loan Amount?

We consider deals ranging from $15,000 to as high as $1.5 million.

What Is Your Maximum LTV?

Up to 80% of the value of the property (or purchase price whichever is lower).

Why Use A Private Mortgage?

A private mortgage can help in various ways, our lending guidelines are a lot less stringent than banks and we can provide approved funds very quickly! Our average close time is 5-10 days (depending on property, location, etc…). Private mortgages can also be utilized when conventional financing is not an option because of lower credit scores, income statement requirements, etc…

What Type Of Programs Do You Offer (interest only, etc..)?

We offer fixed interest rate and interest only loans depending on the needs of the transaction. The loan structure will be determined based on the unique circumstances of each borrower.

What Is Your Minimum Acceptable Credit Score?

We do not require a minimum credit score, however, the rate and terms we can offer are affected by the strength of the application inputs, one of which is credit score.

What Are Your Loan Terms?

We generally offer terms of between 12 and 24 months.

What Areas Do You Lend In?

We offer Mortgages throughout Nova Scotia.

Can You Lend To People Just Coming To Canada From Another Country?

Yes, we are happy to work with new immigrants making their home in Atlantic Canada.

How Soon Can You Close?

Instruction of your lawyer can occur as quickly as 48 hours after the application and supporting documents are completed and filed.