Atlantic Canada
Mortgage Lending Specialists

Yes Capital offers alternative mortgages for a wide range of uses, both residential and commercial, throughout all of Nova Scotia. (New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland coming soon).

When Banks
Say No,

Banks today have some of the tightest lending requirements which many residential and commercial applicants have a difficult time meeting.

We Say YES!

Yes Capital offers situational risk lending solutions secured against real estate for residential and commercial customers across Atlantic Canada.

Atlantic Canadian

We are based right here in Atlantic Canada and that means we know the nuances of this market, the financial challenges and opportunities, the people, and our wonderful unique culture.

Ethical, Honest Lending

We are committed to making sure that you, the client, are always dealt with fairly, honestly, and held in the highest regard on every loan or mortgage product we provide.

Transparent Fees

We strive to maintain transparency in the costs we pass along to customers with as low a fee structure as possible, whether that is the lending fee itself or our interest rates..

Easy Application Process

Using either the APPLY NOW button below or the form on our Contact page, send us of the details the type of loan and amount of funding you are seeking. Our team will reach out to you with the quick application form appropriate for the type of loan or mortgage you need within 24 hours.

24 Hour Response

Once we review your application, we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss options and provide details on the best possible loan or mortgage product for your needs. We pride ourselves on not only understanding the local market and industry, but providing the fastest response possible!

Self Employed?

Many self-employed individuals are faced with the challenges of inconsistent and/or verifiable income. As a result, obtaining a mortgage through a bank can be difficult. Yes Capital is different. We understand the constraints of self-employment and will take into consideration what deductions any smart small business owner will take advantage of when trying to reduce their taxes, resulting in a lower tax income.​

Less Than Perfect Credit?

If you have some blemishes on your credit report, you likely cannot qualify for a traditional mortgage from a bank. ​Yes Capital may be able to help. We offer a short-term solution to repair your credit, which can then put you in a position to apply for a traditional mortgage at the end of your private mortgage term.

New To Canada?

Atlantic Canada is welcoming people from around the world. As you establish your new home in our region you may have challenges establishing credit. You may have had excellent credit and no problems getting a mortgage in your former country. We understand your situation and have solutions to help you.

Need Quick Financing?

Our team at Yes Capital knows the Atlantic Canadian market well and with our in-house expertise, processes, access to capital, and proprietary underwriting procedures, we can quickly assess any deal and extend financing significantly faster than any other funding sources.