Our Mortgage Solutions


Residential Mortgages are short to medium-term loans typically used by individuals who plan to seek a mortgage from a bank or credit union in the near future. These loans are more appealing to those individuals that are just outside of the bank lending criteria. Our Residential Mortgages are a perfect solution for self-employed individuals. Residential Mortgages typically break down like this:

80% Max LTV
First Mortgage: 80% Max LTV
Interest Rate: Starting at 3.99%
Lender Fee: 1-2%


Second Mortgages allow you to borrow significantly higher amounts because the loan is secured by your home (which is usually worth a lot of money and sometimes even more than you think it is!). A Second Mortgage can be used for renovations or upgrades, debt consolidation, or just about any other cash flow requirement.

80% Max LTV
Interest Rate: Starting at 8.99%
Lender Fee: 2-4%


When purchasing a commercial property, many times traditional banks and lenders cannot provide the funding you need with in the timeframe required. Yes Capital Commercial Loans can help to fill in the gaps when you need financing quickly, or for a business venture that traditional banks are not interested in considering.

70% Max LTV
Interest Rate: Starting at 3.99%
Lender Fee: 2-4%


Typically, multi-units are categorized as 1-4 units and 5 or more, with 5 or more usually falling into the commercial mortgage category. Whatever the number of units you are looking to purchase or build, our lending specialists at Yes Capital will work with you through our situational risk-based lending and find a solution and structure to help make your deal work:

75% Max LTV
Interest Rate: 1% per month of the outstanding balance
Lender Fee: 2-4%


Banks rarely like to finance Raw Land and it is one of the most difficult assets to finance. The reasons for this are primarily because land does not usually generate income and can be more difficult and/or slower to sell. The good news is we do finance Raw Land.

Raw/Vacant Land: 50% Max LTV
Interest Rate: 1% per month of the outstanding balance
Lender Fee: 2%

*Note: Newfoundland has slightly different cost and fee structures.

We Do What Banks Can’t

Banks are highly regulated and to offer any mortgage with less than 20% down, they simply cannot do so because of the regulated requirement of having to place Mortgage Default Insurance on the loan. As a result, the increasingly strict guidelines to Canadian homeowners means they need to seek out alternatives when they no longer fit the mold.


Capitalize on the Equity in Your Home

You’ve worked hard to build equity in your home and now it may be the right time to capitalize on that equity. Yes Capital can help you find the right way to leverage your home equity to obtain a loan or mortgage for your immediate needs.